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The old town of Dubrovnik with walls and harbor


Croatia occupies the largest part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, which is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean, extending furthest into the European landmass. Croatia’s shoreline and numerous islands make up the majority of the Adriatic coastline. The narrow Dinara Mountain Range separates the country’s Mediterranean region from its Central European continental part, which stretches from the eastern foothills of the Alps in the north-west to the banks of the Danube in the east, encompassing the southern part of the fertile Pannonian lowlands.

Zlatni Rat beach, view from above - Island of Brač


Why CROATIA is perfect sailing destination?
The Croatian coast consists of almost 700 islands, (400 cliffs and 80 rock formations) with a total of more than 6.000 km of coastline which makes it one of the most rugged and indented coastlines in Europe. The CROATIAN coast abounds with many natural bays, coves, beaches, ports and crystal clear sea. All these advantages makes Croatia a perfect place for sailing holidays. The very pleasant climate ( Mediterranean type) with dry and warm summers and mild winters extends the sailing season in CROATIA to more than six months per year. There are 3 main regions of the Croatian ADRIATIC SEA: ISTRIA, KVARNER and DALMATIA.

Aerial view of Hvar


The Yacht Week is not purely one single boat event. It is a series of events that are organized by European Travel Ventures. Yacht Week is a 7-day sailing event that takes place to various destinations once a year in Croatia. It is considered a floating festival. A typical route for CROATIA Yacht Week will have stops in SPLIT, MILNA, STARI GRAD, HVAR, KOMIŽA, VIS, and TROGIR. The route may vary year-to-year, but the main destinations, such as SPLIT will stay the same. Everyday the cruise stops in a new destination. This gives you the opportunity to see something new each day. You will experience floating raft parties, beach bars, 200 year old forts, parties, ancient ruins, seaside yoga, and more. There is something for everyone to experience on this cruise.

Croatia - sailing destinations on the Adriatic Sea

Rovinj old part, Istria


ISTRIA is the largest CROATIAN peninsula and is located on the northern part of the ADRIATIC SEA. It is also the most developed tourist region of CROATIA, with tourism developing rapidly in all directions. It offers charming coastal towns, tame interior (Croatia’s Toskana) and a culinary tradition of healthy eating.The main town of ISTRIA is PULA, located in the south of the peninsula.

Island Lošinj, Bay Čikat


KVARNER is a bay in the northeastern part of the ADRIATIC SEA between ISTRIA and the CROATIAN Littoral. The largest islands in the KVARNER Bay are KRK, CRES, LOŠINJ and RAB. Other smaller islands are include UNIJE, SUSAK, ILOVIK, PLAVNIK, PRVIĆ, Sv. GRGUR, GOLI OTOK, etc. In the KVARNER Bay there is also the largest Croatian seaport of RIJEKA, and famous summer resorts such as OPATIJA, LOVRAN, CRIKVENICA, NOVI VINODOLSKI and others.

Aerial view Kornati islands- Entrance proversa


NORTH DALMATIA is a very attractive sailing area due to the multitude of islands (both big and small) that offer a variety of opportunities for an attractive vacation. There are three National Parks in this area to satisfy all nature lovers also. KORNATI National Park includes a multitude of islands in crystal clear waters. It provides a true vacation experience at the sea. There are also numerous restaurants where you can try homemade specialties and fresh fish. Within the National Park there is MARINA PIšKERA.

Trogir night view from above


CENTRAL DALMATIA is a very attractive sailing area. The focus of the area is SPLIT, the largest Croatian town on the central coast and the city of great historical heritage where Diocletian’s Palace is also located. Not far from SPLIT is the old Roman city of SALONA. Just a little further, about 20 km is the historic town of TROGIR (on the UNESCO list). There are several marinas in this area that are an excellent starting point for sailing the CENTRAL DALMATIAN islands. Also the SPLIT airport is near all these marinas – about 10 km

The island of Mljet- National park, aerial view


SOUTH DALMATIA is an area that stretches all the way to the Cape OŠTRO respectively border of MONTE NEGRO. The most famous destination is the world-famous historical city of DUBROVNIK (on the UNESCO list since 1979).
A place that simply must be visited. A very rich historical legacy within city walls, it is a first-class attraction. Historically the city was an independent republic with a strong naval fleet. You can easily reach DUBROVNIK by plane, ferry from Italy (Bari) or many other means of local transport.